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Tongue Hanging Out? + WIAW

HB got me some new running glasses for Christmas so I had to try them out today.  Plus I think I have eaten way too much Christmas joy, i.e. cookies!  Some much needed pavement pounding was definitely in order!


So, about that title…I have to ask.  Do any of you run with your tongue hanging out?  No?  It’s just me?  Now, I don’t mean like a dog with his head out the window and tongue flapping in the wind.  More like the one panting from heat and overexertion.


n/a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 That is me at times when I am running.  I have to flap that tongue in the breeze.  At times I flail my arms at my sides as well.  I must look like quite a mess, tongue out and arms flappin’!  😉  That’s ok…I’m rockin’ these shades and sweet headband.  

Running Glasses

Anywho, WIAW time!  Thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting!

This one will be easy…I ate cookies, fruit salad, and leftovers from Christmas dinner.  (Carne ne Sada…aka Portuguese Roast Beef with Potato and Rice)  You can see the need for pavement pounding…carbs galore!  I could probably eat potatoes every day…kinda like Bubba with his shrimp (Forrest Gump reference folks).  Baked potato, boiled potato, potato au gratin, potato in stew, potato in soup, potato cakes…you get the picture.  I’m not picky about the type either…sweet, red, new, russet.

WIAW 101

So I just got a picture of the rice…you can see some of the chunks of meat and potato in the rice.  It’s so good!  Carbs are addictive people…I can attest to it.  The only thing keeping me on a somewhat healthy track is the huge bowl of fruit salad I made!  Oh so delicious!!  I like to toss in a ton of fresh fruit like a few different types of apples, oranges, grapes, pineapple (had to use canned), strawberries, and cherries (maraschino).  I like to pour a little of the cherry juice in there as well.  🙂

The thing I have been lacking is water.  I’ve noticed more headaches and dry skin.  So I have been making myself drink, a lot!  A nice tall glass filled with liquid has been my best mate all day.  After drinking down a glass and having a bowl of that fruit salad my most current headache went away.  Thankfully no meds needed.

Now that things will be winding down it is time to start eating a little more normal.  Kick the cookies to the curb and starting eating more fruits, veggies, and protein.

Do you indulge over the holidays?  Eat and drink a little more than normal?

What one gift were you dying to try out?


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