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Funny Friday

Today I am sharing some funnies.  🙂  It’s Friday…time to sit back, relax, and laugh!

I seriously want a great dane one of these days!


Yes, yes…that’s me.  😉


LOL…I seriously do say this at times after reading a recipe.


I would so do this to my dog just cuz it’s hilarious!


Can I pretend to be a kid? 😉


I know people who talk in cursive without the use of alcohol.


This one speaks for itself!


See my Pan Dulce disaster post!


And something not so funny but awesome…my glass came in for the blog toast /cocktail exchange for New Years!  Thanks to Jen@Marine Wife, Mommy and Life for the awesome glass!

wine glass

Now for the grand finale of funny…this video is hilarious, a clean funny!  HB, K and I laughed the whole time!

TGIF all!  Hope it’s the start of a wonderful weekend!


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