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Top 10 of 2012

It’s worth a look at my top 10 life events for 2012!

10.  Running 7 miles with my youngest son, K!  So proud.


9.  Allowing my boys to go to Alaska without me!  (Huge step.)

8.  Seeing our nations capital, a few times (2 times running).  The best time was on 4th of July!  Celebrating freedom and liberty while watching fireworks explode into beautiful color behind the Lincoln Memorial.

429703_2494261415072_1945408281_n 522930_2551262600066_1917561708_n

7.  Niagara Falls, NY!  A bucket list item for as long as I can remember!  (My treat for completing #1)


6.  Visiting the in-laws in the Azores and spending time with HB’s whole side of the family.

389242_2868256964727_1603948732_n 229933_2882455719687_234809875_n 401811_2885141746836_191966205_n

5.  Completing 3 Rock n’ Roll Half Marathons

4.  Moving to a whole new country!


3.  Making it to 16 years of marriage…HB and I have had some rough spots but we continue to love each other, learn about each other, and communicate/compromise to meet each others needs.


2.  Training for 5 months to run a marathon…accumulating more miles running in a week than I drove my car at times.


1.  Completing a FULL MARATHON!  Heck yeah!  26.2 miles


Looking back it has been a full year!  Loaded with running, family, travel, and lots of fun.  Here’s looking to a new year full of more.  🙂

What’s your top 10 of the year?


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