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New Years Resolutions

Why is it we always make resolutions at the beginning of the year…normally ones we will never follow through with? Sometimes I wonder if it’s lack of planning, too great a task, too many resolutions, or even a combo of these things. Whatever it may be I typically don’t like doing it. I hate saying I will accomplish something and then never do it. At times I would make them to myself so that if I failed it would only be me who knew of the failure. A few times I have proclaimed them to friends and family and mostly followed through.  Writing them down on here brings it to a whole new level.  It’s making a commitment to not only myself but also my fellow bloggers and followers.

First, what exactly does it mean?

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not do something

Commitment:  dedication; application; a pledge or promise

So, keeping that in mind here are my resolutions for this new year.  I am not saying I will definitively stop or start something.  Most of these things are already a big part of my life.  I do want to rededicate myself to them.  Commit to being a better person, a healthier person, and growing with my family and friends.

1.  Read more (not just romance novels).

2.  Run a 5K at least once a week and a 6-10K once a month.

3.  Sign up for a local run to experience the bond with fellow runners from another country.

4.  Weight train at least 2x a week.  (I find this difficult and boring so this will be a struggle at times.  However, I know it is necessary.)

5.  Spend quality time with my family.

6.  Continue to learn, grow, and compromise with HB in order to build our relationship.

7.  Finish my degree.

8.  Learn to scuba dive.

9.  Experience the local culture and explore the area.

10.  Buy, prep, and eat as healthy as possible.

I realize that some of these are a little open-ended.  However, quite a few are fairly straight forward and simple.  It will be good to have this post to refer to in a few months when the “new”-ness of the year has worn off and the dedication to resolutions wane.

What are your goals for the new year?

P.S  Please be safe during your festivities this evening!

Here’s to a a wonderful and Happy New Year!  

IMG_0707 happy-new-year-2013-thumb23679815


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