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Blowing Snot + WIAW

Isn’t that an intriguing title?  😉

Yes it’s gross and normally we, especially females, don’t like to talk about it. But let’s get real for a few minutes…it happens. I’m sure that even the First Lady, Queen of England, super models, and famous actresses have to do it! Blow snot, that is.

I’m gonna admit. I get jealous of how easy it is for guys to do it. No compunction, no feelings of embarrassment, or hiding it. Heck, most will hock a loogey in about any place or honk their horns as loud as needed!  Many carry a special rag for it even.  Why is it they all seem born with this agility? Even my sons have an innate sense of how it happens. Me? HB laughs every time I try the whole clearing my throat and spitting it out thing.  As for blowing my nose, it’s hard to even consider doing such a thing in public…unless I am running.

So, my whole point…there have been times where I have no other choice but to blow snot while I’m running.  Today was no exception…when you gotta blow, you gotta blow.  My allergies have been kickin’ and I found myself 2 miles in with the nose itch that wouldn’t quit.  I had “prepped” by bringing a kleenex.  Ha…one measly kleenex.  It lasted one use.  So when I got about 1/2 mile and felt that itch again I knew I would never make it home.  So I did what any self respecting runner with a river of snot trickling down her face would do…leaned over and blew that stuff out!  In public.  I think even HB would have been impressed with the forcefulness of the blow.  (Ok, he would probably be grossed out and tell me it wasn’t very attractive.  Oh well.)  Then I wiped my hand down my pants, channeling my youngest son, and pressed on.  Not ladylike but dang it I could breathe better!  Not to mention getting rid of that awful trickle…oh so icky.  (Yes, I washed my hands upon reaching home and quickly changed as well.)

Now to tell you about my food!  It’s What I Ate Wednesday time…hosted by the lovely Peas and Crayons.

This is more about the food I have eaten at dinner lately.  I’m still not eating a regular 3 meal a day type of menu.  The kids are still off from school and no job means an unstructured schedule.  I have had the opportunity to eat some good food though.  We explored a few eateries over the holidays and I must say that none of it was bad…far from it.  Most of it was even great as a leftover lunch or dinner.

Ok…so this first one is my own creation.  I ate it about 4 times this week…so good!  Filling comfort food…goes great when one is suffering allergies.  Starve the chunks, feed the sneezes, right?


This lovely is Japanese Tepanyaki.  I had the surf and turf…lobster, steak, Japanese vegetables, and some potatoes.  The chef did a great job of entertaining us and an even better job of preparing the food.  The lobster was the best I have ever eaten.  Needless to say it didn’t make it in the take home box with the steak and potatoes.


This dish was more comfort food.  A half (yes, that’s a half) portion of a mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich with some of the best tomato soup I’ve ever had from the Macaroni Grill.  HB thought the hunk of moz was a chicken breast at first…it was that thick.  I can’t begin to describe the sounds emitting from my mouth when I was eating my tomato soup drenched sandwich.


I am beginning to see why people say they have gained weight here.  At first I couldn’t understand with the gorgeous weather and tons of activities to participate in.  Now I see.   Food here is delicious…so much so that I know I will be in need of some extra running and various other exercising to ensure I don’t gain weight before I leave.  4 years is gonna be a lot of time to taste the local cuisine.  I hope to recreate some of it on here too.  Like that soup, even if it isn’t a local one.

P.S  I finished my first 5K of the year today.  The New Year’s Day Rock n’ Run is done!  Virtual Race series #1 complete.

Have you gotten your move on for this year?

Have you had a river and no kleenex in sight?  What would you do?


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