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Rainy Day Fun (island life)





Rain, rain, go away…I want to go explore today!

Since the weather wouldn’t cooperate we settled for exploring a local market…Navel Kadena.  It’s a grocery, a dollar store, clothing and shoes, furniture, pizza eatery and handyman store all rolled into a shopping plaza.  We had a good time walking around and trying to figure out what things were.  A few things were obvious…like the gigantor shrimp, some pork “lunch meat” aka Spam, and a sweet treat.

Some local stores offerings…IMG_0758


Enjoying the island life.


This chameleon is obviously upset…he’s wrapped his tail around the poor plastic baby and dragged him up to the top of the cage.



The handyman store had quite a few interesting things (see above).  There were a lot of “pets” for sale.  Now, I’m not talking puppies and kitties.  Oh no, we’re talking tarantulas, snakes, large pinchered beetles, lizards, and various rodents.  K went from cage to cage saying, “Oooo, I want one of these!” Uh, no.  Since you can walk outside into our backyard and find a lot of these very things I don’t see the need to cage on up in our house.  (Somehow I don’t think it would suffice as a warning to the others to stay away.  If anything they might want to all come inside to party.)

Another thing we found very different was the furniture.  Mostly the size.  HB was in awe at how giant-like he felt.  The kitchen/sink counters came up to about 3/4 way up my thigh.

On a completely separate note, my bum and thighs are killing me!  Plyo is no joke.  Every little move and light touch has me ouching in pain.  Now I remember why I need to do more weight and cross training.

What do you do on rainy days when you want to get out of the house?



2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Fun (island life)

    • LoL…I will make sure to keep posting travel pics. 🙂 I wish vicarious exercise would work too!! I am definitely do a lot of it to stave off the fiendishly good food here.

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