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One of Those Days + Crockpot Cinnamon Pecans

Ever have one of those days where you want to punch something?  Take a pillow and beat the tar out of it…watch the feathers fly until there’s a limp casing left?  Then kick the feathers on the floor for making such a mess?!  Yep, that was my day.  Then I remembered it’s supposed to be marvelous.  Marvelous in My Monday, hosted by Katie at Healthy Diva Eats.

Today’s marvelous was the boys heading back to school!  A cup of coffee after a run, in a quiet house…marvelous.

A coffee cup


Walking K to school and listening to him chatter away about bowling, simple and marvelous.

Making these Crockpot Vanilla Cinnamon Pecans, marvelous smelling house and yummy tasting treat!

Crockpot Vanilla Cinnamon Pecans

Moist delicious 5Cs Banana Bread…a marvelously tempting teaser.  (Recipe to come tomorrow.)

Realizing that if I was working all these marvelous things wouldn’t have happened…a marvelous realization to help me see that maybe, just maybe, there is a reason. He may have something else for me or it’s His way of saying wait.

This last realization has been a tough one to get through my brain.  I crave a work atmosphere, adult interactions, and being able to help with the finances.  However, the boys have both expressed their enjoyment of having mom at home.  (Mostly due to food and chores.)  Today’s beginning only forced me to recognize that I can only do so much and need to let the rest lay in the hands of the One who can provide.  (Although I don’t think He would be upset with me for popping a pillow a few good jabs.)

Yes, folks…today is marvelous.  Each day that we are alive and well is marvelous.  Being able to punch a pillow to to let out frustrations, marvelous as well.

Here’s to more marvelous this week!  And less death to pillows.  😉

How do you take out your frustrations?



5 thoughts on “One of Those Days + Crockpot Cinnamon Pecans

    • Thanks! The pecans tasted goooood…especially on top of a small slice of vanilla ice cream topped apple pie. 😉 If you like banana bread then this next recipe should tempt your tase buds.

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