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Runnin’ in the Rain…I’m not Insane (Almost Easy)

Some people think running is a fair weather exercise.  Some days I agree.  However, when I was training for my marathon the thing I quickly realized was I had to run…rain, snow or shine.  There was no way I would complete my training if I pushed off a run every time there was a drizzle, some breezy gusts or even white stuff falling from the sky.  I ran in most weather…it was good for me.  Who knew what the weather would be the day of the race.

So today after taking K to school (in the car since it was raining), I laced up my shoes and debated with myself on whether or not to run.  People might stare, think I’m insane, and if it kept raining like it was I would end up soaking wet.  Then I realized I had done this before, had all the gear, and there was always a nice hot shower after I was done.  I zipped up my coat, put my phone in a ziploc bag and headed out the door.

It ended up being a decent run.  The air was cool, the rain was light, and my shoes stayed dry.  In an odd twist of irony the first song to pay on my list was Avenged Sevenfolds’ Almost Easy (I’m not insane).

As I ran I realized I needed to get used to this kind of weather.  Rain here in Okinawa is frequent especially during the “winter.”  Since it rarely gets below the 50s it won’t be a hardship to lace up and head out.  This summer I may be whistling a different tune when the heat and humidity kick in.  Oh, and those typhoons.  Wind on your back may make you run faster but only if you can keep your feet underneath you.   😉



How do you motivate yourself to take that first step out the door?

P.S.  It’s almost Friday!  1-freeimage-4993853



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