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You Make the World Brighter

Recently, while at a Christmas light festival, this song played during a laser light show.  Another younger couple with us had never heard the song.  Neither had our own children.  As HB and I looked at each other incredulously, we both took up the words that we knew well.  “We are the world, we are the children.  We are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start giving.”

At the time. the song was about the children in Africa.  However, when one really hears the words it becomes quite obvious that this applies in life.  We, you and I, are the world.  We are the ones who make this place what it is…good or bad.  It’s the choices we make, the way we raise our own children, and how we treat others in this life that make our world.

A push to give or pay it forward was recently a big thing due to the holidays and the tragedies that struck.  However, with time, these things pass and we, the world, forget until that time when something else forces our eyes open once again.

My belief is that we can make the world brighter, a better place, Every Day!  If we would just take the time to not be so “politically correct,” remember that this isn’t a me-centric life, and give of ourselves, even just a little, every day, this world could be a much better place.  I’m not talking money either.  I’m talking time, words, a little bit of yourself.

A smile or kind word can mean the world to a person.  A helping hand, a laugh, a hug or even a wave can boost the spirits of those around you.  One light can shine bright and if that light is spread, a little at a time, the world will be a brighter, better place.

You make the world brighter!  Now share the light.



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