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I Didn’t Forget! (Teaser)

Hello!!  I know, I know…no post in the past few days.  I haven’t forgotten, promise!  We have just been so busy having fun exploring the island.  🙂

Friday was a ladies day…and I mean all day!  I was out all day through the night with them having a great time!  Shopping, lunch, and end of day fun.

Teaser #1

(Not sure Chili’s will ever be the same!)


Saturday was such a gorgeous day we couldn’t stay inside!  The sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, and the breeze was light.

Teaser #2

Cape Maeda


Today we went on another tour with the ITT.  The weather was a little iffy but it turned out to be another gorgeous day!  Blue skies were the best backdrop for the Motobu Cherry Blossom viewing.

Teaser #3

(K was more interested in that ice cream than a picture!)



Yes, tomorrow is a day off and we do have some plans but I will most definitely have a much longer and more detailed post.  🙂  With plenty of pictures to help tell the story.  (I took well over 100 today!)



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