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Ladies Day…Let’s Shop!

Did someone say outlet mall?  I think they did…let’s rock this place!  Our ladies day out was a trip to the outlets, lunch, and another round of fun at Chili’s.  Yes, we ladies know how to have a good time and keep it rollin’ throughout the whole day and into the night!

Aishibanaa Outlet Mall in Naha was calling our name so we headed North to get our shop on.  Coach, Gucci, Gap, Asics, Addidas…oh so many stores to choose from and only a few hours to do it in.   (Yep, we will have to go back…we didn’t hit them all.)

We had fun posing for pics in front of the stores we can’t really afford!  LoL



I was tempted to buy these pants to go golfing with HB…Ha!  Ok, so not me.


This Croc Monster greeted us through the window.


I really had to hold back from buying HB this murse…pink camo!



Hodge Podge of the whole day (courtesy of my friend MD, above and below)


We had planned to eat at this crazy looking place…The Treehouse.  When we got there we had a ton of fun posing for pics and were starving!  By the time we made it upstairs we were ravenous and ready to eat.  Too bad the service was very bad and the waitress didn’t seem very interested in our business.  After telling us we weren’t allowed to move tables and the one (empty) table that could accommodate us wasn’t available, she turned and left…never to return.  So we went elsewhere.  After a few more pics of course!


Inside the elevator…going up?


This guy welcomed us when the doors closed.  Why hello there…

IMG_0948 IMG_0949

Oh yeah…I got this!



From underneath…



Unfortunately by the time we got to another restaurant we were all so hungry that no one too any photos…we just all chowed down on some goyza and noodles!

After a small break to take care of the kiddos and regroup we headed to Chili’s to continue the evening with some drinks and appetizers.

IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0960 IMG_0973 IMG_0976 IMG_0981

424321_3954698480431_396894093_n 395443_3954696240375_1278646965_n 75046_3954697680411_1038314588_n


Yeah, us ladies know how to have a good time!  It has been great meeting such a good group of gals that can hang out and enjoy a full day of shopping, food, and friendship…topped with lots of fun!  Can’t wait for the next time.  🙂



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