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Roller Slides, WIAW, and a treat!

I had heard and read that the Japanese culture was steeped in family, especially children.  Many things are geared towards them…parks, museums, aquariums, and so much more.  Most places offer a discount to students and children on entrance fees, if there is one.  The local parks are one of these children treasures!  But I found out that they aren’t just for kids!   And to top it off… it was all free, healthy family fun!

We had seen a few of these parks on our forays around the area but weren’t sure exactly what they were or if they cost anything.  It seems like most things stateside that look this fun cost money.  So when a friend invited us out to a picnic at one of these lovely slide parks we couldn’t help but check it out!  Especially when the weather was a gorgeous as anyone could ask for seeing as it’s January.

The tall metal structure is an observatory.  The slide starts at the bottom of that…


K gettin’ some roller slide fun!


View from inside the slide


View from the top of the observatory…this picture doesn’t do it justice!

IMG_1053HB and I


view of the slide from the observatory


Observatory top


Oh yeah…that’s me getting my slide action


HB and E playing some corn hole


Check out the moon on the left side…


I just had to get a pic with panda


K wanted to peace it out on the elephant


My exercise and fun time rolled into one…climbing 102 stairs to slide down!  Oh yeah, I counted…102!!  I climbed them at least 10 times…


So much fun!

And now, it’s WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) time…hosted by the lovely Jen@PeasandCrayons.

Yes, this has been a staple for me lately…tastes good, filling, and easy peasy to make.  Protein PB2 ChocoChip Oats.


I tried this recipe…roasted kabocha squash.  I was amazed at how good it tasted!  I ate the whole squash myself between lunch and dinner.  (Recipe soon!)


This is my treat for you all today!  Protein PB2 Choco Chow Mix.  It’s a great treat and has less calories, fat, and sugar than the original but still love the taste!


A Portuguese soup that is easy to make and a great warm dinner for chilly days…Conja (Chicken and Rice with some Chourico)


It’s been one of those days…I needed the big glass of wine and dark chocolate.  Soothes the soul!


Yeah, yeah…I realize this isn’t really all my meals but I am highlighting the good parts today.  😉

Do you let out your inner child when you hit the parks with your kids?


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