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Confessional Friday + Roasted Kabocha

I feel like spilling the beans.  So here it goes…a little bit of my “dark side.”

Time to confess…this past week I have been a bit, well, testy.  Ok, maybe even a little witchy.  I snapped a little too quickly and can’t seem to feel refreshed after a long sleep.  I’ll just say it…I have been feeling like poo.  So, I got to thinking.  What is going on with me?  After some thought I realized the biggest change has been my eating.  It hasn’t been nearly as clean since we moved.  The adjustment coming here has severely hindered my abilities to eat a more unprocessed diet.  So, I took the plunge…I bought some vitamins, fish oil, and iron.  I’m typically anemic so I know that has a lot to do with my tiredness.  Yes, I know there are better brands out there but this is what they have available to get me started.  I also bought some fresh fruit and veggies at the store…it cost me a pretty penny but I know my health and my families health is worth it!


When we first arrived on the island I was introduced to this wine.  Moscato D’Asti, which obviously means deliciously good wine!!  I drank a whole bottle of the white this week (not all in the same day, even though I was tempted)…way too good!


I’m also having a love affair with these cookies!  A little chocolate, a little coffee and a ton of lip smacking goodness!


Thankfully they are individually wrapped and only about the size of half one of my fingers.  Any bigger and more accessible and it’d be bad, very bad.


I’m dying to try out these girly girl shoes!  Love the color and style!  Hot pink with a quilted pattern.  Super cute and itching to go out.


I have unfinished business staring at me everyday.  Like this shelf I have been meaning to put up for weeks now.


And these pictures…I started to hang them.  Then I got bored with it and they’ve been staring at me.  “hang me up, I need to stare at you from the wall!”




I ate a whole Kabocha squash the other day!  It was soooo good and no one else seemed to like it.  So, I couldn’t let it go to waste.  I bought another one today too.  Not sure if I will change up the recipe (thanks to NomNomPaleo) I used or if I will just stick to it.  Either way, its good stuff and this one will probably be eaten in a day as well.  It was even good reheated.



Alright, I’ve spilled my dirty dark secrets for the week.  Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend!

What are some of your guilty pleasures that you confess too?


2 thoughts on “Confessional Friday + Roasted Kabocha

  1. Okay, so when I was around your age, I did a great deal of research at the library on edginess and crankiness and found that a good complex B vitamin is a real help! Complex being the operative word. The moment you begin feeling the edginess or if you have a certain time when you know it will be happening then start loading B. You can take several in a day without them being toxic. Start with 1 three times a day and then up it to 2 three times a day then up to 3 three times a day to see which dose is most helpful. Once I found the dose that worked for me, I was able to get relief/ results within a couple of hours. 🙂

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