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100th Post! Sunday Funday

Yep, I’ve been at it for 100 posts!  WooHoo!!  Thanks to all who have read my posts, followed me, and keep coming back to read my blather.  🙂  You rock!

Now, onto our funday.  We decided to spice things up and have some curry at Bollywood’s. This Indian restaurant was just the thing to liven up a cloudy, cold day.

I will have to try this Godfather of Lager next time…


Some nice bright movie posters to gaze at while waiting.  There was also some very entertaining Bollywood style video’s playing.


E wasn’t too sure about his red chicken.  Then he ate it all.


HB got some spicy curry and rice which K was more than willing to help him eat.


Pineapple Chicken Curry…absolutely delicious!  Spicy, sweet and full of flavor.  I gotta learn to make this stuff!


Jumbo Naan…we managed to wolf down 2 of them.  Yep, it was that good.


K got a wrap but ate more or HB’s curry than his own food.


After we were done stuffing ourselves we walked around a local handyman type store.  It sells a little of everything.  I snapped a few photos of some of the interesting items.  (These are only from one area of the store…this place is huge and I will have to go back to meander around to peruse the rest of it.)

I think this is some sort of torture device!


I need to get these for the boys restroom…drip catchers.


Fork and spoons that wink at you!  “How you doin’!”

IMG_1131Gotta buy these bowls to go with the fork and spoon…


This seemed a tad sketchy…oysters in a cup.  Yeah, no thanks.


There is a small garden area as well where I saw these gorgeous orchids!  I wish I wasn’t the black death of plants.

IMG_1134 IMG_1135

K decided to give me some lovin’ as we were leaving…sometimes he’s such a love bug!  (I gotta soak it up while I can.)


(Check that bruise on his cheek.  E and K were messing around so the couch got involved and settled the matter.  K lost, badly.)

What did you do to have some fun today?

Try any new foods lately?


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