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Habu Trail Run and Homemade Bread



This morning I decided to start my day off right…with a run.  There is an out and back trail that is 3ish miles.  It’s no ordinary trail.  This trail takes after it’s namesake, the Habu snake, in the way it slithers up and down the hills.  At one point I could swear I was running up a hill at such a steep angle that it might be possible to reach out and touch the ground.  The views at points in the run were amazing!


I had to think about a few of my favorite quotes when it came to a few of those hills!  Especially when my dog kept looking back at me with eyes that said, “Uh, are you coming or what?”

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After my run I didn’t have much planned so I decided today would be a good day to try my hand at baking some bread again.  And these two gorgeous loaves where the result!



HB and the boys seemed to enjoy it!  I could barely wait for it to cool and slice a piece, slather it with some butter, and get a taste.  It was good!  I think I found a winner with this recipe!

Apologies that I haven’t featured some of these latest winning recipes but I will soon, promise!  Starting tomorrow.  Chex recipes first!  Tonight I have a headache wrapped around my head that is squeezing my brain out of my ears.  Sorry, but this is gonna be a short and sweet post.

How do you motivate yourself through a rough workout?


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