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Marvelous (Chocolate) Monday

Did you watch the Superbowl?  We did.  At 8:30 in the morning!  Half awake and definitely not wanting the normal food fare, HB and I sat down to watch the Ravens take on the 49er’s.  Good game, especially the second half.  Even better once I had some coffee in hand.  Whoever was running the lights needed a few extra cups apparently.  Or was that a 49er’s fan giving them a chance to regroup?

Our marvelous Monday started with walking K to school and then catching the game.  After a few hours spent on the couch watching the football go back and forth across the screen it was time to get out of the house and enjoy the day!  It was gorgeous!!  So we headed out to swing some clubs…HB’s favorite thing, golfing!  Have you ever enjoyed the sport of golf?  The frustration of trying to hit a tiny ball with a stick?  I’m not very marvelous at it but the day was gorgeous and HB was happy!


Marvelous is shopping with my youngest son.  Yesterday I introduced K to the large 100 Yen Store.  His reaction was a lot like mine…”This place is HUUUGE!!”  We spent a good hour scouring the store.  I found some interesting items.

This is a Don’t Cat Mat!  Looks painful for the kitty paws.


These sponges are stinkin’ cute!


Dried fish…yum.  Not.


K found a little toy that you excavate dino bones out of a block.  He spent almost an hour getting the bones out…


I bought this white plastic shelf…$1.25!


And these cutie pie rice molds!  Heart and flower.  I see some cute dinner plates in my future.


Sweet and Crispy Chocolate Crisps…ate the whole bag!


Then HB and I had the raspberry ones.  Delicious!


Some not quite donuts…a little dryer, less sweet but really good.  Especially with coffee.


Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate…yep.  Had to buy!


We went to the base store last night and I found these…OMG!!  I’m gonna have to go back and grab some more.  The caramel and sea salt…wicked awesome!  A glass of wine and couple of squares…wowzas!!  More then Marvelous!


The whole weekend has been simply marvelous!  Beautiful days, time with the family, and plenty of dark chocolate!  Who can ask for more??

Think it’s time to have my snack…dark chocolate and wine.  Cheers to a Marvelous Monday!

P.S.  Thanks to Katie at HealthyDivaEats for hosting!


3 thoughts on “Marvelous (Chocolate) Monday

  1. Hi!

    Happy Monday!! Thank you for joining in!
    OH Lindt chocolate is SO good! I love their chocolate, they opened a store right near me last year!

    Have a great week!

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