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January in Review

Ever wake up and wonder where time went?  Didn’t you just lay your head down on the pillow and snuggle under the covers?  Swear that you just closed your eyes?  Then, Boom!  The alarm is going off in your ear telling you it’s time for a new day.  It makes me wonder if I slept really well or if I was super exhausted.

It got me to thinking about what I’ve been up to lately and gave me my idea for this post.  A monthly review.  People, it’s already February!!  A whole month into the new year and I turn a year older this month.  Yikes!  It’s like those nights of sleep where the time just runs by and it’s gone!  So, what have I managed to do with my time this past month to live up to my goals and resolutions?   These were my recommitments for the year:

1.  Read more (not just romance novels).  I have read through about 4-5 books this month.  So far none of them have been anything beyond fiction although Hopeless was a really good read.  I need to expand my mind though with some different books.  Any recommendations?

2.  Run a 5K at least once a week and a 6-10K once a month.  I will be truthful, the 5Ks every week have been happening.  I also did 5 miles worth of sprints on the treadmill the other day so I managed to get in that 6-10K once a month.  Whew.   IMG_0792

3.  Sign up for a local run to experience the bond with fellow runners from another country.  I haven’t signed up for a run just yet but there is one coming up in April I have been thinking on.

4.  Weight train at least 2x a week.  (I find this difficult and boring so this will be a struggle at times.  However, I know it is necessary.)  This one probably hasn’t been met all month however I have been doing P90X Plyo workout and weight training once a week.  So, I say that isn’t so bad.IMG_0740

5.  Spend quality time with my family.  We have been doing well with this one.  I can’t even link to all the things we’ve done this month as a family.  One of my faves, though, was the roller slide!  Good, free family fun!!IMG_1086

6.  Continue to learn, grow, and compromise with HB in order to build our relationship.  I think we have been doing alright with this one.  Hey, I went golfing with him!  Now that’s growth and compromise.  😉  IMG_1183 IMG_1210

7.  Finish my degree.  Yeah, nope.  Haven’t done anything with this one.  I should be getting the Spring notice soon though.  Then it’s on!

8.  Learn to scuba dive.  I’m not sweating this one, yet.  Lacking a job has put a dent in our finances so this one is on the back burner for a bit.

9.  Experience the local culture and explore the area.  We have definitely done this!  Check out this day trip we did to explore the North…so much in one day!IMG_0911 SONY DSC

10.  Buy, prep, and eat as healthy as possible.  Taking into account the “as possible” I have been doing pretty well with this one.  I have especially liked testing out some homemade bread recipes.  The smells!  Oh the drool.  I think I got a plain white bread down.  Now to perfect the sweet bread and try some others.


Well, that isn’t so bad.  I’ve managed to keep most of commitments thus far.  I hope this month I am able to maintain my speed and maybe even go a little further.

How have your resolutions held up this past month?



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