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Bleh + WIAW

Wow, has it been one of those days for you too?  The type of day where you don’t want to get up in the morning and even after your favorite cup of morning invigoration, i.e. coffee, you still can’t get any go-go juice in your getty-up?  Even the rush of endorphins can’t bring pep to your step?  That’s been my day.

When the alarm went off I hit the snooze button 3 times.  I was angling for a fourth but E had to leave in 20 minutes and I wasn’t even sure if he was dressed.  After walking K to school (plus 2 cups of coffee) I decided to try my luck with some P90X Plyo.  Ha, that was a joke.  I sweat some liquid un-awesome all over the place and felt about as invigorated as a slug catching some Zzzzs.

Adding glory to my day was a grocery shopping trip that lasted 2 hours as I sifted and sorted through coupons to help save some money.  I barely surpassed the surcharge (i.e. tax).  After lugging them all in with my wealth of extra oomph I unloaded my goods and realized I hadn’t eaten more than 2 donut holes all day.  Probably explains the headache I felt creeping in with it’s gripping fingers around my skull.

The whipped cream on my less than sunny-dae was a trip to pick up E’s new glasses only to be told it would take another week before they were done, HB deciding to golf leading to a very late dinner, and both boys just slightly more than ticked at me for making them do homework.  (My bad.)  The cherry on top of my wonderfully bleh day…the boys horsing around and breaking my last wine glass!  And it still had my wine in it!!!!!  (Yes, that deserved 5 exclamation marks.)  Guess I can see why the red solo cup is such a huge hit.

Yep, it’s been one of those days.

Anywho, now that I’m done crying over spilled wine it’s time for WIAW!  Thanks to Jen@PeasandCrayons for her blog hosting skilz!  She’s got mad recipes to go with it!

So, I already confessed to not having a terrific day of eating.

Breakfast:  coffee, I didn’t get enough to procaffinate…


Breakfast of champions…2 donut holes.  (I know the picture shows 3 but I really only had 2.)


These are a recipe I have been perfecting…not quite there yet but still pretty darned good.  (The glazes are spot on, however!)


Lunch was an unpictured and uninspiring cheese quesadilla.  With tons of salsa to get in my veggies.  😉

Dinner was some decent chili.  It wasn’t my best made pot but still more than just edible.  A little rice to go with it made for a filling dinner.


Our trip to get E’s glasses wasn’t a total bust as we got to do a little browsing and found some treats to try out!  I thoroughly enjoy the sweets here because they aren’t overly sweet.  No super duper sugar rush and crazy crash aftermath.

Not sure which one I will try but the purple sweet potato cookie thingy is whispering to me as I type…


Well, that’s all folks!  That’s What I ate Wednesday.

Do you clip coupons?  What trick do you use to keep them in order while you shop?


4 thoughts on “Bleh + WIAW

  1. Oh, I can so relate… sounds like my day today. My husband was gone for a few days and I had no energy left today, but an extra needy little girl, of course! I enjoyed reading more about you in the sidebar- I can relate on so many levels- the marathon, finally making the health-body-food connections, the dark chocolate… 🙂

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