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Saturday Sights

Today was one of those unplanned days.  After E and K finished their league bowling and we found a little something to tide us over we headed out for a drive around the island to see what we would stumble upon.

Along one of the roads was this building with it’s pretty flowers painted on.

These little elfin characters are all over…


We ended up at some outlets and of course everyone had to use the restroom.  These instructions where a on the door.


Loved this etched glass with the different languages for hope.


These dolls dance infinitely back and forth.  I like them more than the kitty ones everyone around here has on their car dahses.


I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of these namesake pantyhose…love the description on them.


This ‘shroom must have mystical powers…a small box of it’s powder cost over $150!!


HB had to stop by a golf store.  I found this golf bag…beautiful but pricey!  $400.


Found another form of a 100 Yen Store…this lunch box was too cute!


The picture on this bag of french fry chips is just hilarious!  “I eat you!”


As we were heading out we found a little grocery store with a patisserie.  Of course we had to grab a few pastries to try and help us through the drive home.  This cinnamon bun was delicious!


E and K split these cream filled treats.


Loved this purple sweet potato pastry!

IMG_1272 IMG_1290

Another sweet potato pastry but in a different form…think the little one above was best!


Just as we were checking out they brought 2 trays of bread fresh from of the oven.  Oh yeah, had to buy one of those!!  It was hot and had us drooling all the way home.  Oh the smell!


A bit of a detour led us to this beach on our way home.  Gorgeous!  E and K love the ocean.  (Take after me.)


HB and I on the beach.


Love the coloring of the ocean.


On our way home HB spotted this van with a cool picture on it.


Our pups were in a bit longer than normal and this was what greeted me as I sat down to try some of that bread out.  Puppy eyes!  And scary E.


All in all, another fun day of exploring!

Do you like to try new foods or stick with what you know?


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