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What’s Marvelous…Monday!

It’s Monday again!  Which means it’s the day to reflect on all those marvelous things going on in your life.  Even the small things count!  Sometimes they mean more or add up to better some of the big things.

My marvelous began with walking K to school.  He chattered the whole way and I realized that soon, very soon, he won’t want mom going much of anywhere with him.  Soaking it up while I can!

Next was a nice 3 mile run around the neighborhood.  It was overcast and a tad chilly but it made for a great run once I warmed up.  I opted to take an unplanned and never travelled route which included some not so marvelous hills but it was worth some of the views.  (Sorry, no pics.)  I arrived home before the skies let lose and did some upper body weight training and ab work.

I marvelously blew away all those calories by eating this concoction.  A Pinterest inspired French toast that I tried to make slightly healthier by adding some protein to the PB2 inside.  Not too bad.  (I’m not a huge soggy bread fan so next time I think I will cook it a tad longer and soak it a smidgen less.)

Nutella Protein PB2 Stuffed French Toast


It was marvelous to bust out my camera and try my hand at some real pictures instead of my normal iPhone pictures.

A marvelously warm shower after my breakfast and I got some fun chores done.  Clean clothes are marvelous.

Since it was raining, a day of baking seemed to be in order.  I tried out 2 new recipes.  One was a fail (although the kids like it) and the other was these lovelies:


Glazed Chocolate Chip Mini Scones



The weather called for some marvelous, warm food so I made some stew for dinner.  Tender beef, fluffy chunks of potato with some peas and corn…all topped with a tangy sauce.

Back to the iPhone pics…




The marvelous was complete when we finally got to pick up E’s glasses.  He’s been wearing broken ones for a few months now.   (On the way to pick up E’s glasses a marvelous moment occurred when K and I were singing away with the radio and K stopped, looked straight at me and said, “Mom, you should so go out for Amercian Idol!”  He’s so sweet.)

E’s new glasses.IMG_1291 IMG_1292


I hope you’re day is full of marvelous, big or small!  Thanks to Katie @ HealthyDivaEats for hosting!  (Hope you’re feeling better!)

What’s your favorite weight training to do?  What’s your least favorite?  



One thought on “What’s Marvelous…Monday!

  1. The nutella stuffed french toast looks amazing!!!

    I wish I was feeling better and that was SO sweet of you to say. Very hard to be sick when pregnant, can’t take much and I am trying to fight through the yucky with a smile ❤ So much to be excited for so I am just trying to overpower the sickness!

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