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Happy Valentine’s Day! 2013 Sweets and Treats!

Hey lovelies!  Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!  I hope it’s been a day filled with chocolates, flowers, but most of all some good quality love.  🙂

I’ve had such a wonderful day filled with running, cooking/baking, family time, and treats!

The day was so beautiful that I had to skip my planned P90X Plyo workout and go for a run.  2 miles at pace with a final mile of sprints.  (Even with the gorgeous weather the sprints still stunk.)  Since I was playing hooky on the Plyo I opted to do some weight training…abs and arms with a few leg moves thrown in.  Can you say jelly arms.

Seeing as it was a special day I figured it called for a special treat so I made this lovely protein shake.  Protein Pineapple-Strawberry Dark Chocolate Coconut…whew that was a mouthful!



It tasted so good I had half of it before I was able to stop myself to snap a photo.  HeeHee…my bad.


Then I got busy making some treats for my sweet.  Dark chocolate covered strawberries and some lemony brownie squares.  HB came home for lunch and ruined the surprise but at least I got his seal of approval.  He really, really like the lemony brownies!


Tart, tangy and just the right amount of moistness…these babies were super easy to make and better for you than a typical lemon bar.


These bright red strawberries were juicy, sweet, and a perfect pairing with the tartness of the lemon squares.SONY DSC

Check out these bright red berry delights!


For dinner it was theme night with these homemade heart-shaped pizzas!  Cheese please!!  And pepperoni for the kids (to include HB).


They just had to photo bomb my pics!  But their smiling faces make it worth it.


HB brought me home some treats to celebrate Vday.  Wine and chocolates with a candle (I somehow cut it off.)  Godiva Dark chocolates…he knows me so well!  Mine!


I might share the wine but don’t touch my chocolates!


Did you get any treats for Vday?

Do you prefer homemade pizza, boxed, or delivery?  

P.S.  It’s Almost Friday!


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