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A PicMonkey Weekend

Someone, who will remain nameless, led me to this awesome picture editing site called PicMonkey.  Oh-Mm-Ghee!  I am having way too much fun with this thing.  And of course I had to upgrade to the Royale in order to test out all the functions.  It may be a whole year once this month is finished…I’ll wait to see if my “this is so cool” newness wears off.

First, a nice picture to beautify…



The kids loved the zombie function of course!






The vampire settings were pretty interesting to mess around with too.


I made these oatmeal raisin cinnamon chip cookies this afternoon and played them up.


HB and I went out for a late lunch yesterday to try out a new place.  JB’s Burgers…yummy!  The collage function helped me put this together.

(Check out the size of those burgers!)


It was a gorgeous day today so we went for a long walk with the kids and pups.  Finally made it to this tomb site on the base and checked it out.  Along the way we stopped for a little treat.  This F’Real shake is wicked good!  They have the coolest machines here!!  Choose a flavor, put it in the machine, select the thickness (extra thick please), and wait a minute.  Awesomeness in a cup!


These luscious lemon squares were waiting for us when we got home…love this recipe!  I will definitely have to share it.


My first try at making curry happened.  Pineapple Chicken Curry over rice.  A tad spicy, a little tangy, and a touch of sweet.  I loved it, HB liked it, and the kids ate it.  I’ll be making it again…maybe a mango curry next time.



And now, I’m off here to go play around with more pictures!!  Way too much time will be spent…hours will be lost.  But it’s soooo much fun!!!!


Do you love to edit photos?  What’s your favorite editor?

Are you a curry fan?  What’s your go-to recipe?


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