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MIMM…a countdown

Is it really Monday?  It hasn’t felt like it.  Mostly because HB and the boys have been off today.  President’s Day!

It’s time for a Marvelous in my Monday recap…today’s presentation is by the numbers.

7…the time I woke up this morning even though we could sleep in.  Ugh.

2…the miles HB and I ran along the sea wall.  Our first time running there…it was a beautiful day and a good run.


Running with the waves crashing and the smell of sea water…very nice!


HB enjoying the view before we run.

IMG_13451…the amount of times I took a picture while running, not to shabby, iPhone, not to shabby at all.


1100…the amount in Yen paid for HB and I to have a drink after the run.  This green drink was a Maccha Azuki Cream Latte…Green Tea with Sweet Bean paste.  It was different.  (Can you see the beans at the bottom of the cup?)  HB was happy with his caramel cream latte.


4…the number of folds in this mini-eggroll I made for dinner.  The store only had one package of eggroll wraps so I used some won ton wrappers too.  Baby eggrolls. So cute.


3…the number of bites I took to eat the mini eggrolls.  HB and the boys ate them like a popper.  Pop it in your mouth whole.


20…number of times I dipped into this homemade sweet and sour sauce.  (Approximately.)


16…number of full size egg rolls I rolled.


8…minutes it took for E to wolf down his first plate of food and go back for seconds.  The boy loves him some egg rolls!


120…minutes I have spent on PicMonkey since I got it!  I’m addicted.

EthanOcean1 SONY DSC

Hope your day was filled with a number of Marvelous things!

P.S.  Lovin’ the new logo!



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