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Mizugama Seawall and Toguchi Park

Yesterday I hinted at another marvelous adventure we had this weekend.  HB and I love finding spots like these…adventurous fun for the kids and relaxing beauty for the adults.

The boys and I decided to go out (ok, I made them put down the game controllers and go out) while HB was off golfing.  It was a gorgeous day that just couldn’t be spent indoors.  After heading to a local store to look for a few items we decided to explore a little.  So glad we did as we stumbled upon this seawall…Mizugama.  After HB was done golfing we all headed back to check it out further.


Pigeon feet as far as the eye could see on either side.


E and K exploring and pushing the limits…just another step, we won’t get wet.


A view across the entrance to the Hija River (and our next adventure).


Divers use these areas to enter the water and we saw many, many a fisherman casting off for fish.


Some beautiful graffiti along the seawall (not all of it was this pretty)


A shot of what we would learn is Toguchi Park from across the way.


Not sure what this is…I am guessing a prayer site.  There were stairs inside the cave as well…intriguing.


After walking along the seawall and not finding the way across, HB and I decided to hop in the car and drive around to see if we could find where the park we spied was located.  It didn’t take us long to meander down some side roads and discover Toguchi.  K and I were excited to a roller slide at the park!  K went down a few times but we didn’t have anything to sit on so it got a little rough on his bum.


Beyond the slide were paths leading to various alcoves and picnic areas.


The paths eventually led us back to the main park area and this beach.



Our final shot was of the sun setting over the ocean.  If it weren’t for our grumbling bellies and school/work the next day we probably would have stayed even longer to just soak in the views.



We will definitely be back!  I feel the need to have a picnic soon and stay for a complete sunset.

P.S.  Did you sweat (pink) today?  I did 2 miles with HB this evening.


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