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What I (Coulda) Ate Wednesday- Pinterest Addition

I’m gonna be different today!  Instead of showing you what I ate (yeah, I totally didn’t take any pictures) I am going to show you what I could have eaten if I were to use any the delicious recipes on my Pinterest boards.

Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday- Pinterest Addition!  (Thanks to Peas and Crayons for hosting!)

Breakfast would be a cup of coffee with this Paleo coffee cake from PaleOmg!  If you haven’t been to her site…go!  She has a wicked sense of humor and even more awesome Paleo recipes.

Lunch would be this Chicken Burrito Bowl from PearlsHandcuffHappyHour.  It looks super delish and probably a tad better than the Quesadilla Explosion from the other day.

Dinner…this flank steak from Pioneer Woman…

…with a side of this spagheti squash au gratin from DandyDishes.

A bit of this as well…although I’m not sure which one.  They both look so good!

Antipasto Kabobs from thehungryhousewife or…

Avacado, tomato, and moz salad from

Dessert…ah, dessert.  How about some Nutella?  In a pie.  Nutella Crack Pie from inspiredbycharm.  I’m drooling on my computer.

Wow, so I totally need to print all these recipes and go shopping tomorrow!  I think I just planned a few meals for this next week.  Yum.

Do you spend way to much time pinning things on your boards like me?  Pinterest rocks!

What’s your favorite recipe you’ve found on there so far?

P.S.  I went to my second Zumba class today.  It was a great sweat(pink) session for sure!  Did you get your hips rockin’ today?


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