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10 miles with Sugarcane

I ran 10 miles yesterday!  The longest run I’ve had here so far.  I set out for a 6 miler but halfway through my run some friends decided to join in.  So around I went for another 3 miles.  After all was said and done I ended up with a 10 mile run under my belt.  Ok, Ok, I’ll admit that we walked some of it but miles are miles.  Especially when you get into double digits.

While we were out on the trail we came across some of the local Japanese men cutting down some tall (what we thought were) weeds.  Come to find out it was part of their crop of sugar cane.  Upon seeing our curiosity one of them came over and motioned to us to take some.  When he saw we weren’t sure how to get it he came down with his scythe and sliced a long stalk off for us.  He even took the time to chop it into pieces for us to share.  Thankfully 2 of the gals knew what to do with it and showed us the proper way to peel it, bite off a chunk, chew it f(or the sweet juices), and spit out the pulp.  Delicious and no more natural of a way to get a little pick me up for a long run.  🙂


It was a great run…I needed to up my time pounding some pavement.  Especially as I just signed up for my first half marathon since arriving here.  🙂  Oh yeah, it’s time to get a t-shirt!



I’ve got 2 weeks to build up my base a little more.  Not a lot of time but I am sure I can finish it.  Even if I have to take some walk breaks.  It’ll be good to be out there again though.  Looking forward to it!

I’m supposed to dress up in leprechaun gear.  Hmmm…wonder if they will let me get away with being a pink leprechaun?


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