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February in Review

February sure was a short month!  It’s time for some March madness, mustaches, green everywhere, and all those four leaf clovers.

First though, a review of my commitments from the beginning of the year and how I have been getting on with them.

1.  Read more (not just romance novels).  I branched out to read a few suspense novels.  Not anything worth writing on here about but it wasn’t a typical romance.

2.  Run a 5K at least once a week and a 6-10K once a month.   Been doing good with this one…5Ks especially.  Got in 10 miles the other day too.  Longest run since being here. IMG_1456

3.  Sign up for a local run to experience the bond with fellow runners from another country.  I signed up for a half marathon being sponsored on one of the bases here.  Not exactly a local run but it’s step in that direction and my first half since being here.  Eek!  Not thinking I’ll PR but swag will be present!  Swag rocks!  IMG_1414

4.  Weight train at least 2x a week.  (I find this difficult and boring so this will be a struggle at times.  However, I know it is necessary.)  Yeah, I’ve been slacking.  My focus has been on running but I did branch out a bit.  Tried some Zumba.IMG_1344

5.  Spend quality time with my family.  We have been doing well on the weekends with this one.  Getting out to explore and have some family time.  I admit that our usual Friday Family nights haven’t been happening but I hope to get those back on track.Mizagama3

6.  Continue to learn, grow, and compromise with HB in order to build our relationship.  HB and I took a long drive the other day and have been trying to ensure we talk before making decisions, especially involving the kids.LS1

7.  Finish my degree.  Well, you see what had happened was…I got the notice of Spring sign ups.  Now I just need to pick a class.

8.  Learn to scuba dive.  Check! (Almost)  HB got me diving lessons for my birthday.  Now to find a class.IMG_1368

9.  Experience the local culture and explore the area.  Yep, good here.  We have been getting out and about.  Normally just taking a drive to see what we find. It works.  We’ve found some really great areas.   Like Mizugama Seawall and Toguchi Park not to mention some tombs and ruins.RyukyuTombsKAB Nakabura Ruins

10.  Buy, prep, and eat as healthy as possible.  I did really well this past month with making our meals at home and doing so fairly naturally.  My favorite was some sweet roasted Kabocha and the Pizghetti Bake.IMG_1224Overall I think I’m still on track.  I like reviewing my resolutions and seeing what I’ve been slacking on and the things I have been doing well keeping.  Hopefully I can continue to improve this month and keep making strides towards checking off some of those “to do’s!”

How have your resolutions held up this past month?


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