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Starbucks in Okinawa, Thrifty Finds, and Nails!

I finally went to a real Starbucks!  Why do I say real?  Well, because the “Starbucks” on base is more of a “we brew Starbucks.”  So not the same.  All you true Starbucks fans will understand what I mean.  I’ve been avoiding going to the Starbucks off base for a few reasons.  One being price and the other being my concern over how good it will be, really.

My concerns have been put to rest.  Ok, not the price part.  It was a tad more expensive than in the states.  However, it was worth it.  Especially the Sakura (aka Cherry Blossom) latte.  The milk they use was a little different but not in a bad way.  Almost more creamy.  And as with most things I have found here, the flavor they used was not nearly as sweet.  I also tried a Sakura macaroon.  It was good but more on the sweeter side than I expected.  Didn’t stop me from eating it though.


On my excursion I also ran into a few more interesting items.  One of which was the backpacks.  They are sturdy, have varied pockets and even a calendar/planner built in but at a steep price.  The cheapest one there was well over $200!!  They had some that cost $600!  What?!  No way would I be buying that for my kids.  I also wouldn’t get them the jelly filled marshmallows.  Yikes!  Talk about sugar rush.  The pickled plum sounded interesting but that’s as far as it went.  I almost wished I had a few toddlers for the cute pink bunny plates.


I also found some cute kitchen gloves.  Pink with flowers…it screams my name!  So did these bowls.  At a smidgen over a dollar a piece I couldn’t pass them up.


It was about time to treat myself so I went to one of the highly recommended nail salons here…Cocok’s.  (It’s pronounced Coco’s)  I ❤  this place after seeing how well they did with my nails!  Their nail art is beautiful and the customer service was fantastic.  I can see many a visits to this place in our years here.



We also got some exciting news today!  2 things actually.  Tune in tomorrow to find out what they were.  (No, there aren’t any peas in this pod.)

P.S.  Did you get in that sweat{pink} session today?


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