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Monday, Tuesday…What day is it again??

I asked for it.  And I got it.  A job that is.  I was super excited to be getting out of the house and earning a little money.  Then I showed up to work and now I wonder what in the world I was thinking.  Obviously I wasn’t.  I got thrown into the midst of the humongous ocean waves and told to swim to shore.  Don’t mind those sharks circling in the peripheral.

Ok, it’s not quite that bad.  I am very thankful to have even gotten a position with the way things are going theses days.  Sequestration, furlough, loss of many funds and aides.  I am very blessed to have a job.  (I’ve been telling myself this for the past 48 hours.)  It didn’t help that the first day my co-worker told me that the last girl in my position would often cry and feel overwhelmed.  Oh boy can I feel her pain.  There is definitely a lot to learn.

On the bright side, the people have been very nice.  Most of them have welcomed me and even been excited to have the extra staffing.  I know I will learn a lot from them and hope to even make some friends.

My mind is still reeling from the amount of information I have received the last few days.  I am not sure it will stop spinning for awhile.  Each day brings more information to stuff into my already blown away brain.  By the end of this week I know I will need some down time.

Maybe my half marathon I signed up for will help me clear my head.  It just so happens to be this weekend.  I’m not even close to being ready for it but I’m looking forward to being out there in the crowd of fellow runners once again.

I totally missed out on my Marvelous in my Monday post.  So I am adding it in here.


The laughter from reading these flip flops.  I almost bought them…almost.


Eating at Arachis, a local rice place, with friends who just moved here from the states.  So delicious.


Always marvelous…Starbucks!  Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Frap.  Not bad.  Also marvelous is finding interesting items on our adventures out.


Even more marvelous…a lovely day wondering the local stores and the beach.  Then some ice cream!


One last marvelous…sweating pink!  HB and I have gotten in a run the last 2 days after work.  Love going to bed with the knowledge that I have worked it out.

Hope it’s been a marvelous start to your week!


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