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MIMM-Girl Time

It’s time for some Marvelous in My Monday!

M is for my men putting together our patio furniture.

A is for adventures with friends.  I spent a good portion of Sunday out and about with some gals exploring the local markets, shopping, and having lunch.

R is for raw squid…squirming on my sushi.  Ok, it was dead but that was about it.  Fishy tasting but surprisingly not bad tasting.  My favorite so far, however, is a crab with cheese.

V is for vitamins.  I have been supplementing again and K has been great at reminding me to take them.

E is for everything not pictured!  Ack…I’ve been bad.  I didn’t get the Starbucks Sakurua White Chocolate Latte with the Mocha pound cake or the caramel macchiatto pound cake!  So good.  (No I didn’t eat both but I was tempted.)

L is for lots of 100Y finds!  I am seriously in love with those stores.

O is for octopus sushi.  It was raw and slightly chewy.  Not much taste.  Once is probably enough.

U is for unusual foods.  I have such a wonderful time trying all the new cuisine here!  The local market we checked out had some sauced fish, some of which were whole, that I got to sample.  There was even some shredded crab meat that was made into a salad…delish!

S is for sharing.  Sharing good times with friends, sharing food finds, and sharing the fun of exploration!

Instructions?!  We don’t need no stinkin’ instructions!


Sushi!  Adventures in food.


Farmers market finds and 100Yen Lamps.



Don’t forget to have some marvelous sweat(pink) time!  I got in a Kenpo workout after work.  Seeing as I haven’t done it in awhile I may feel that one tomorrow.

Thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting!


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