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Only a Mothers Love

The other day I went out in my skivvies, tank top, and a raincoat. No shoes.  Why, you may ask, would a sane person (not trying to get arrested for indecent exposure) do something like that?

Well, because I love my son.

Here’s what went down. My wonderfully non-time sensitive child told me 1 1/2 days before a cooking project was due. He was to make a Costa Rican dish and bring it in to share with the class. As he waited until the last minute to tell me I was not a happy camper. We spent the evening finding a simple recipe as time was of the essence and we had little of it between school and work.

The next day I went to the store to purchase the ingredients and get him to baking. We chose Costa Rican Banana Cake…few ingredients and easy to make into smaller portions (disposable cupcake tins rock!)

E tried my patience while making the recipe, asking if the measurements of 1 1/2 c meant one half cup or one and a half cups.  After a few other questions the cakes went into the oven and came out after twice the listed baking time.  We tried one and ,as they were edible, I covered them up and stacked them for the next mornings due date.

The next morning E got up and readied himself for school.  HB and I were up getting ourselves ready and were slightly hurried as we had gotten up a smudge later than normal.  About 15 minutes later HB was out the door and E left a few minutes after.  As I was putting on my makeup it dawned on me that E hadn’t said a word about taking his food.  Eyes wide with panic I dashed down the stairs to check the counter.

Sure enough the tins sat there mocking me with their shiny bottoms and clear tops.  Quickly looking around I saw my raincoat and threw it on.  I paused for 2 seconds realizing that I only had on a tank top and underwear underneath.  With hopes that no one was outside I threw open the door and ran down the sidewalk looking for any sign of my son.  No such luck.

I was ever so grateful that no one was around but also realized I really needed to get these cakes to my son but running down the sidewalk with no shoes and minimal clothing wasn’t the answer.  Running back inside I grabbed my keys and wallet (I so didn’t want to get pulled over and arrested for driving without a license along with indecent exposure).  I hopped into my car and drove down the road.  Thankfully E hadn’t made it too far and I caught up with him before hitting the main roads.

Honking and pulling over I was able to get his attention and he meandered over to the window with a quizzical look.  As I rolled down the window I held up the offending tins of cakes and asked him in my most sarcastic voice, “Forget something?!”  He looked a little startled, reached in and said, “Oh yeah.”  Taking them he turned and started to walk off and I flipped a u-turn to head home while yelling out the window…”Yeah.  You’re welcome!”

Upon arriving back home and resuming my morning routine I stared in the mirror with horror as I caught my reflection…half made up face, hair pinned up, and some gaudy clips holding my bangs away.  With a snort I got back to getting ready and thanked the Lord for watching out for me…no neighbors out and not getting pulled over looking like that…oh yeah, He was there.  (Probably having a chuckle.)

Yes, only a mother’e love would have me going out looking like a half made up flasher.

**E’s cakes went over well.  He said the teacher liked them and most of the kids that tried them thought they were good.  After all that effort they better have loved them!!


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