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MIMM- 6.66 evil miles

HB ran 6.66 miles yesterday!  His longest run ever.  I may have tricked him into it, kinda, but he did it!  The 6.66 was not planned however I found it to be slightly fitting as he has always thought that running was evil.  Oh yes, it was a marvelous run.  Rain, hills, and all.  I’m not positive he will run with me anytime again soon though.

Other things that were marvelous:

I finally got my computer access and can now better train at my new job.  Feeling like you can learn better and contribute to the work load…marvelous.  (At least for now.)  o_O

Celebrating a friend’s birthday and having a great time with a good group of people= a marvelous weekend.  Club Mar13

Getting a marvelous makeover and learning some new tricks and colors to wear.SC Makeover

Trying out a new restaurant with friends and family…marvelous food and company.IMG_1552 IMG_1553

Finding new PicMonkey edits to play around with…oh yes, marvelous!


SC makeover2


Hope you have a marvelous Monday!  Don’t forget to check out Katie at HealthyDivaEats!


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