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WIAW-Sunday Style

Hello all!  It’s time for WIAW.  Can you believe it’s almost the end of this month.  Our last March WIAW hoste by Jen@PeasandCrayons.

These are my Sunday eats.

My morning started off with a cup of coffee, as always.IMG_1554

After my long “evil” run with HB it was time to fuel up so I ate my leftovers from the night before.  Ribs are good hot or cold, especially covered in BBQ sauce.  Finger lickin’, lip smackin’ good!IMG_1553

K and HB wanted to go out as the torrential rain had eased up so we went shopping and stopped by a local cafe.  A nice iced cold Caramel Macchiatto was a nice protein and caffeine boost in the middle of the day.  Oops…I drank it all first then took the picture.IMG_1560

Dinner called for something warm and comforting as the dreary day called for it.  Some tomato soup and grilled cheese were just the ticket.IMG_1559

As I haven’t had a ton of time to bake I decided to make some healthier cookies.  I ended up with these GF Coconut Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Oatmeal cookies.  Not bad but needs a little tweaking.IMG_1558

On a completely separate note, my kids have both grown an inch in 3 months!!  An inch!!  Seriously!!!  I’m in trouble.  I gotta stop feeding them so well.

So, did you get out there and sweat(pink) lately?


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