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Wake Up Call

Ever have one of those weeks where you are so busy that by the end of the
day all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep for a whole day? That
has been my week. It seems like there has been 50 things to get done and it
all happens between 7:30am and 7:30pm. Even our weekends have been pretty
full. Admittedly by our own doing but it tends to wear on a person when
there is no down time to just relax.

All of that is my excuse for not writing lately. Poor excuse really as I
find the expression to be a good stress reliever, along with my running.
Which has suffered this last week as well.

So maybe this is my wakeup call! I need to slow a few things down, stop
rushing to get it all done, and find the time for the things that are good
for me. Like running, blogging, and baking. Oh how I miss my time to prep
a good meal and bake some goodies. I’ve found a few recipes I want to try
and will make sure to post them if they turn out well.

I have some pics to edit and put up as well. I’ll be honest though, I’ve
been slacking on taking those too.

I didn’t get to show you our newest purchase…this beautiful vase!


Ok, I must admit it’s huge! Probably almost 6 feet tall. I’ve caught it out of the corner of my eye a few times and been startled. At a glance it seems like a person is hiding in the corner. I told HB this and he laughed at me. It’s a gorgeous piece though and I can only hope when it comes time to leave the movers don’t curse is out or break it. (That’s still years to come though.)


This guy was hanging around our porch for a few days. He left a nice slime trail on our rug. Ick.

So, back to topic. This weekend I am going to make a plan…set some goals and figure out a way to slow it down a little.


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