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Sunday Sip…some seriously good times

It has been another chock full o’ fun weekend!

HB and I ran an 8.5 Bataan Memorial March on Saturday morning (oh yeah, some serious sweat{pink} going on!) It’s the furthest he’s done and we had a gorgeous day to do it. Love a good long run in the sun.

Afterwards we came home to get some chores done and then just couldn’t stay indoors any longer. So, we opted to take the doggies out to a beach. Unfortunately we ran into an issue finding a puppy friendly one. We ended up stopping at Cape Zanpa park and taking the dogs down to the shore. We were surprised to see the tide was extremely low. Great exploring of the ocean wildlife though…

HB and I also went to a wine fest hosted on the base. It was definitely time to sip! There were wines aplenty to test out and the club had an awesome array of finger foods to nibble on in order to keep the testing going. We ended up with a few (ok, a case) of wine before we left. Moscato is the best!!


Today was a rainy day but I had an appointment to get my nails did! Love Cocok’s nail art designs. I need to go back for my toes in the next few days.


I have more to share but it’s getting late and bed calls! I’m trying to get to bed by 10 p.m. on work nights. Trying to ensure some good Zzzzz’s to help with the lackluster feelings of late.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some marvelous Monday details! Cheers!

A hand holding a glass of wine.

A hand holding a glass of wine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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