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Just Another Marvelous Monday

It wasn’t so marvelous at 0545 this morning when all I wanted to do was snuggle under the covers and go back to sleep. However, upon reflection I had a good day and a marvelous weekend.

For starters there was snuggle time with my baby boy (who’s not much of a baby anymore). I take it when I can get it from either of them.

Snuggles with my K bug

SC and K

Then there was this beautiful spinach salad…lovely, juicy fruits on a bed of bright green! So, so good on the lips and even the hips.


This pink cat wine was so marvelous that I had to buy it…well, for the bottle anyways! The wine inside will more than likely be for cooking purposes. The other wines surrounding it are for drinking, though! Marvelous is a wine fest where you can buy good wines at a discounted price after tasting as many as you like.


One of the most marvelous moments this weekend was sharing a dish from my days growing up…homemade Coffee Cake. The smell alone brings the family down and together if for no other reason than to drool. Thankfully everyone got to have a piece before E wolfed down 2/3 of it. (Growing boys are swiftly eating us out of house and home!)



I also got in my sweat{pink} today by running a quick 2 miles. I plan to get up early tomorrow morning for a 3o minute weight session…crossing my fingers I can make myself get out of bed!

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!

Don’t forget to hop over to wish Katie at HealthyDivaEats a Happy Birthday!!


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