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Friday Fun and Saturday Sites

It’s been another busy weekend.  But a good one!  We had so much fun going out and exploring new places to eat and sites to see.  (This is only our Friday and Saturday fun…stay tuned for some MIMM review of Sunday funday.)

Friday we were invited to go out to eat for a friends birthday!  Happy bday Mike V.!  The Garlic House was the spot to try.  After asking around I was told everyone had heard it was really good but no one I spoke with actually had eaten there.  I was a little leery but online reviews were great so off we went to test it out.

(Ok, I was totally bad and took no pics of the food.  *sigh*)  Garlic is spot on with the description of this place…you name it, it had garlic on it!  Pizza, beef, chicken, shrimp, noodles, and so much more.  There was enough garlic to scare away any vampire within a 50 mile radius.  I will probably sweat garlic for a week.  But it was worth it!

The food was very good.  I had garlic beef & broccoli, some garlic goyza, spicy garlic fried potatoes, and a garlic shrimp spring roll.  All very tasty and full of garlic (and yes, I shared…geesh, stop judging).  HB ate the garlic chicken, some of K’s garlic pizza and my potatoes.  E sucked down his garlic noodles before anyone could even ask for a taste.  Others around the table seemed to really enjoy the food they ordered as well.  Of course, all smothered in garlic.  The best part was the bill…less than 40 yen for 4 people to eat and drink!  I was blown away and will definitely go back to try some of the other goodies on the menu.

Since it was a warm, muggy night some cool ice cream seemed the perfect way to tamp down some of the garlic and finish off the birthday celebration.  A short walk up the road was a Blue Seal Ice Cream store just calling out.  I always have a hard time choosing as they have such delicious ice cream and a variety of flavors.  This time I ended up with some pineapple and sweet potato.  The pineapple was beyond tasty but the sweet potato probably won’t be in my cup again.

Garlic Houe and Blue Seal Friday


Saturday started with E and K’s bowling league party.  Their team ended up taking 2d place and each got a $50 scholarship award.


It was a nice day out and we took a little road trip after the bowling party.  We had passed signs for the Kirashiki Dam a few times and decided to go check it out.  The first part of the drive was pretty with lush green trees lining the road and even drooping almost all the way across in some areas.  The beauty soon wore off though when we came upon some cow pens (oh, the smell!) and shortly after the local landfill.  The height of the trash was mountainous.  And stinky.

We were shocked to drive a little past and find the dam just on the other side of the trash pile.  All of the sudden there was pretty water and a park area.

Kirashiki Park

Kirashiki Dam1

The dam wasn’t quite what we expected but it was pretty to see and walk around.  Well, until the wind hit in certain areas and the smell made it a little hard to enjoy.  There were tons of people out enjoying the area and weather.  It is a place I would love to go back to for a picnic sometime but it will definitely be on a cool day with little wind.

Kirashiki Dam2


All in all we had a wonderful Friday and Saturday full of fun and adventure.  We continued in that vein today by heading to a beach fest.  I will leave that for tomorrow’s post however.

Hope you’re having a great weekend and spent at least a little time with family and friends!

Btw, did you get in a sweat{pink} session this weekend?  (I ran Friday and am counting all the walking we did as my exercise for this weekend.  Oh yes, walking counts!)



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