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White Beach Spring Festival


While I can’t say that today was a marvelous Monday, our day out yesterday was a pretty great time.  As promised from yesterday, here is the remainder of our fabulous weekend.

We decided to head to White Beach for the annual Spring Fest.  Open to the public it was quite the mix of culture…tents of festival food from both sides lining the area and traditional bouncy houses along with dragon boat races as some of the entertainment.

The day was cloudy with a slight breeze but it made for great walking around weather.  Since we had never been to that area it was a wonderful chance to have some fun and check out another area of the island.  We will definitely go back to spend a family fun day sometime soon.

White Beach

E was proud of his find along the sand.  With some Facebook research we were able to find out it was a cuttlefish bone.  We didn’t spend too much time on the actual sand but it seems like a great place to find some good shells and sea glass.

Dragon Boat Races

WB DragonBoatA tradition of Dragon Boat racing was carried out in a series of face offs between different divisions.  We didn’t get to see them all but it was very interesting to watch the synchronization of paddles and the calls of the coaches.  I can’t imagine the workout they get during these 3 minute sprints of rowing!  Talk about sweating{pink}!

Static Displays

WB StaticDisplay


The boys had a blast climbing in, out, on, and through all the different vehicles the military had on display at the event.  Ok, I climbed on a few too.



WB Misc


On the way home we finally stopped at a local convenience store.  I had heard much about the good food and coffee you could find in the Family Mart’s that seem to be on every corner.  After many hours of wandering around we decided a little snack and drink were in order.  We were definitely able to find it there!  I had to try the green tea sticks and neapolitan popcorn along with a few items not pictures.  We got to catch a glimpse of castle ruins on the home.

White Beach Spring festival was a great way to spend a Sunday.  We will definitely be heading back that way to explore the beach, maybe rent a cabin, and check out the Katsuren castle ruins.

Today I managed another run in my Vibram’s.  Marvelous in my Monday is the feeling of my feet moving more quickly underneath me.  Not so marvelous were the screams from my calves around the mile mark.  Stopping to walk a few times kept them from completely cramping on me and I hope to continue training in them.  I can feel a big difference in my runs wearing these shoes.

Here’s hoping you have a Marvelous Monday!  Don’t forget to check out Katie@ HealthyDivaEats.


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