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If You Can’t Say Sumtin Nice…

…don’t say nutin at all. That’s been my thought on blogging this week. To say its been a rough one is a tad understated.
Work has been testing my patience and skills with people. As the main function of my job is customer service you can imagine how having a bad attitude would affect my ability to fulfill my duties. Lets just say that by the end if the day I am ready to unplug from everything and just veg.

I’ve also been battling exhaustion. Just sheer tiredness. So much so that I went for some tests just to be sure. Apparently my thyroid function is a bit off so the doc wants a more thorough blood test. (Yeah, I’ve been putting it off but will go in this week.) Hopefully it isn’t anything but an off day. It would explain my tiredness though. Oh well, for now I won’t borrow trouble…just press on until I get the results from the other test when I get it done.

We decided to just have a quiet weekend for a change. No real plans to do much but clean the house and have some family fun time.

We watched Parental Guidance…good flick! Funny and family friendly. Also got to see the latest 007-Skyfall. HB and I liked the blast from the past feel of the movie. Some good ole school references and not as much “bling” and gore.

We’ve topped off our weekend with some golfing and bowling…E and K’s picks for family fun time.

Since I’ve been on a self imposed hiatus I have some random week pictures to share from this past week:

Friday afternoon was K’s last Taiko performance…he did a great job!


The boys also got a gift from Grandma…it was like Christmas for them.  They love opening boxes and seeing the surprise inside.  Well, who doesn’t, really?!  Thanks Grandma!!


We went to an award’s ceremony for E’s AFJROTC…afterwards my guys were pose ready.  Ok, they were being silly.  (Check out how tall E is next to HB)


We had to find an exercise ball for our new family member…Bubbles the hamster is now ours.  We stopped by a local pet store.  I was tempted to buy the hamster harness but just couldn’t bring myself to get it.  (Ok, HB gave me the “don’t even think about it” look.)  The store seems to have a turtle mascot and sold some scary insects.


This week is Golden week and one custom is to hang these carp streamers for the health and fortune of the boys in the family.  Of course I bought one to hang up for my boys.


After my 3-mile Habu Trail run (sweat pink!) this morning I decided to make myself a refreshing strawberry, pineapple, mango protein smoothie.  A little whip on top and my Starbucks cup…mmmm, mmm, good.



So, here’s hoping for a better week and even more, a better attitude!  Hope you all have/had a great weekend!  Time for me to get some sleep.  It’s almost Monday…already.


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