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Marvelous “Study Scuba” Monday

Check out my gear!  This weekend starts my journey to become scuba certified.  So out I went to buy a few needed items.  Of course I had to get them in pink!  Simply Marvelous!

Aren’t they purity?!



Of course, some studying is in order.  It seems like being back in school again.  This is a little more interesting than the Pythagorean theory however!

Quick Quiz, anyone?


Here’s the dive planner…not sure how it works.  Yet.


I will keep you posted on my class and dives.  Pool dives next week after in class time this weekend.  Open water dives next weekend…weather permitting!  Pretty soon I’ll be swimmin’ with the fishes.  🙂

I had to post this marvelous concoction.  Apple Pie Burritos.  Delicious!  They make the house smell good and taste like a little piece of apple pie.  A little vanilla ice cream and drizzle of caramel sauce…Oooooo what a night!  (I admit I just ate them straight out of the oven without the extra goodies on top.)  Come back Wednesday for the recipe.


(I know I am late posting as it’s not Monday here anymore.  Our internet has been down for the last few days.  Finally got it fixed…still paying way too much but at least now it works.)

Hope you all had a great Monday!




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