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MIMM- It’s been way too long!

Yikes!  Has it ever been a busy last few weeks.  I so slacked on writing posts.  Sorry, my friends and family.  My only excuse is lack of time.  There just aren’t enough hours lately.

So, a little catch up.

First Marvelous in My Monday, my test results came back for my thyroid.  Normal!  Prayers answered.  It was on the high normal but the doctor didn’t seem worried about it as only one count was high normal.  The other level was good.  So, whew!!  Just have to go back in a year for a recheck.

Secondly, I am almost done with my advanced open water, night diving, and boat diving certifications for scuba!  I am so proud of myself and it has been a blast!  Not to mention the sheer coolness of it all!!  Swimming in these beautiful waters has been an experience I will never forget and hope to continue for many years to come.  (Friends in good scuba places…watch out, I may be coming for a visit, loaded with dive gear!)  Here are some marvelous pictures from the dives.  Such an awesome adventure and other-worldy place!!



IMG_1888 IMG_2763 IMG_1914


The pictures speak for themselves…beautiful, amazing, and simply marvelous!

Honestly, this has been my time consumer.  The classes and dives.  So worth it though.  I can’t even begin to describe the rush of sinking under the water, looking up  to see the variations of blues and greens from the light reflecting on the water, and slowly swimming around in a world of it’s own.  The creatures, plant life, depths, and reefs make up so many different places to explore.  A person could spend hours on one small reef and see an array of life  beyond words.  (And my pictures certainly don’t do it justice!)  Then go back to the same place at night for a whole new world.  And this is just the beginning.  Hopefully, sharks, turtles, rays, and octopus are in my future dives.

Last, but not least, our marvelous time here on Okinawa…explorations have continued.  I have pictures and stories to share of some of our adventures in Oki-land but for now I leave you with this picture: (I told HB to stay well back from this guy!)



Hope you are having a Marvelous Monday!  Thanks to Katie from HealthyDivaEats for hosting!!


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