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Hiking Fun at Higa Falls

Have you ever sweat so much that you looked like you just jumped into a pool and got out?  Well, that is what I looked like after hiking Higa Falls the other day.

We chose to spend Father’s Day hiking to the falls.  It was an overcast day and the weather was iffy but we headed out anyway in hopes the rain would hold off.  The drive was a little under 2 hours (we took the long way) but we arrived with only slight sprinkles falling and decided to chance it anyways.  What’s a little rain when it’s already hot and humid out?

As we began the hike we saw this poor thing being attacked by what I can only think was a large fly.


The trail was under repairs due to the many typhoons last year and we were skirted around a few areas but overall the trail was clear and well marked.
A few places were very wet but the trail workers had places wood planks in areas so one didn’t have to completely soak their feet for the hike.

About half way up the trail was a large suspension bridge that gave a nice view of the river below.  (The kids, HB included, had a lot of fun making
the bridge shake.  Thankfully, it is very well made and I really didn’t feel like it was going to just fall out from under us as I think they had hoped
it would.)


View from the bridge…not sure why they had large black bags blocking the river.


Not quite sweating…yet.

After the bridge is when the serious hiking began.  Lots of steep stairs, both up and down, and the forest pressed in on us.  Humidity rose and the
sweat began.  My face was pouring and my pants looked like someone sprayed me down with a hose.   In the end it was all worth it though as we approached and heard that calming roar of the fall.

Almost there…the sounds of the forrest were something I can’t describe.  The cacophony of insects over powered the sound of the distant falls at times.


We made it! (About a 40 minute trek)


A tad sweaty and bit wet from a slight rain on our way there.



Dad’s Day Hiking = smiles



Love the sound of the water rushing over and spilling down bellow.  The sound and coolness from the falls was refreshing after the hike.


Sweaty head…ick.


On the way back we spotted this critter strolling down the stairs.  White and hairy.



I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see the ever present Japanese vending machines as I was after this hike.  Even though we took water and snacks, the hike in the heat and humidity really brings on the thirst.

Overall, it was a wonderful adventure and great way to spend Father’s Day!

On that note, I know I am late but it’s never too late to give a shout out to the 2 most wonderful Father’s I have ever known…my own (Love you Dad) and of course HB, a wonderful father to our 2 boys (Love you HB)!


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